Young Trustee

Leeds, West Yorkshire   |   Part time

What is the role?  

  1. Two places on the Board of Strength Restored are reserved for Trustees aged 17 -25. Working with staff, Trustees make sure Strength Restored is run properly, manages is finances (money) well, and that everything it does is in line with its aims and values. Young Trustees often bring different skills and experiences from adult Trustees.  

Who does the Young Trustee report to?  

  1. The Chair of the Board (the person who provides leadership to the Board).  

How much time will it take up?  

  1. A Board meeting once every four months, plus reading beforehand and an optional meeting with another Board member to go over the papers and agenda before the start of each Board meeting.  
  2. A meeting to decide work plans for the organisation once a year.  
  3. Regular Subcommittee Meetings (when relevant). These are meetings made up of just a few members of the Board and staff to look at particular things like fundraising or looking at how much staff are paid.  
  4. Attendence of Strength Restored events 


How many meetings must I go to?  

  1. Any Trustee missing three meetings in row for any reason other than those discussed and agreed by the Board (e.g. in case of illness) will have to discuss their continued involvement as a Trustee with the Chair.  

How long will the appointment last?  

  1. Until you turn 26 years old.  

Is there a salary?  

  1. No. But all your travel costs of being a Trustee will be met and refreshments are provided at the meeting.  

What is the purpose of a Young Trustee?  

  1. Working with the other Trustees, you will take part in discussions to make sure that Strength Restored is achieving what it wants to do as an organisation. You will also act as an ambassador (representative) for the organisation 

Working with the other Trustees, a Young Trustee will:  

  1. Make sure that Strength Restored works towards achieving what it has set out to do in its governing document and ensure the charity is clear about what it wants to do and is focused on achieving this;  
  2. Make sure the charity does not spend money on activities which are not included in its own objectives, no matter how good and worthwhile those activities are;  
  3. Take part in discussions and give views on what the organisation should work on, including setting targets and checking this work is being done well and helping to agree the organisation’s view or position on different issues.  
  4. Make sure that the organisation is run well and has enough money to carry on its work in the future. Protect and manage anything the organisation owns and make sure these are taken care of and used well.  
  5. Monitor the performance of the Senior Management Team (the senior staff team).  
  6. Be responsible for the performance of Strength Restored and for how it acts as an organisation, ensuring that the charity doesn’t break the law to do with the running of charities;  
  7. Ensure the charity is managed to the highest possible standard (as well as it can be);  
  8. Working out any risks to the charity and managing these 
  9. Make full use of your specific skills, knowledge or experience to help the Trustees make good decisions;  
  10. Not do anything which would damage the reputation of the organisation 

What sort of person should a Young Trustee be?  

  1. Honest and trustworthy;  
  2. Committed to equality and diversity;  
  3. Time to commit to Strength Restored, its current work and development and attend meetings; 
  4. A commitment to what Strength Restored is trying to achieve and what it stands for;  
  5. A commitment to the welfare of children and young people, and to the promotion and protection of their rights;  
  6. Being prepared to promote Strength Restored to contacts and networks (people you know or people staff members know); 
  7. Being prepared to represent Strength Restored at external events (including public meetings and fundraising events) and promote its work.  

What sort of skills and knowledge should a Young Trustee have?  

  1. Being prepared to make unpopular recommendations to the Board, and a willingness to speak their mind;  
  2. Willingness to be available to staff for advice and enquiries from time to time when required;  
  3. Good, independent judgement and being able to identify long-term or overall aims of the organisation (what SR wants to achieve) and how to do it;  
  4. An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship - things that are set out in the law about how charities should be run (we can help you to gain this knowledge);  
  5. An ability to work effectively as a member of a team;  
  6. An understanding of the different roles of the Chair, Trustees and Senior Management Team (we can help you to gain this knowledge).  

What experience do you need?  

  1. Experience of making good decisions;  
  2. A history of fairness;  
  3. The ability to respect confidential information.  
  4. The ability to accept and embrace difference  

In this role you would play just as important a part in the running of Just for Kids Law. You will be a Trustee and Company Director of Just for Kids Law and have responsibilities under the law (we can help you to understand them). 

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