Administrative Trustee

Leeds, West Yorkshire   |   Part time

Role Summary 

  1. To ensure that board meetings are properly administered. 
  1. To ensure other meetings, such as the AGM, and events are properly administered. 
  1. Keep trustee records up-to-date. 
  1. Monitor trustee member action points. 
  1. Understand this is a voluntary post 

Main roles of the Secretary Trustee 

  1. Plan and prepare the board meetings and the AGM with others as appropriate. 
  1. Planning meeting dates, booking rooms, sending out notifications, minutes and other papers. 
  1. Drawing up agendas together with the Chair and/or Executive Officer. 
  1. Minute meetings or ensure that another minute taker is available. In the case of closed meetings (with no others present), the administrative trustee will take the minutes. 
  1. Accurately record decisions and actions in the minutes and report to the next meeting on the progress of actions and the result of decisions. 
  1. Maintain accurate and up-to-date membership records, issuing renewal notices and recording fees together with the finance trustee. 
  1. Deal with correspondence, writing letters/emails as agreed at committee meetings, summarising correspondence/emails received at the next meetings and drafting replies as appropriate. 
  1. Make arrangements for any necessary reporting to be done. For example the annual report to members. 

Person Specification  


  1. Competent use of IT skills.  
  1. Proven ability to communicate and explain information to members of the Board and other stakeholders.  
  1. Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.  
  1. Good communication and leadership skills  
  1. To be organised and methodical 
  1. Able to take good minutes. 
  1. Able to keep accurate records. 
  1. Has the relevant skills to organise a meeting well. 


  1. Demonstrated knowledge and experience of charity practices.  
  1. Dedicated to the organisation’s cause and objectives and willing to act as the charity’s ambassador to external bodies, charities and companies.  
  1. Skills and experience in one or more areas of non-executive governance and management e.g. strategic planning, business management, financial/accountancy, understanding of HR issues. 
  1. A team-oriented approach to problem-solving and to management. 


Time Commitment  

  1. The Board meets at least 4 times a year and the administrative trustee is expected to be available for at least 3 in a year  
  1. You will be asked to either minute or organise a minute taker for any sub-committee which will meet 2 times in a year  
  1. Attendance at award meetings or fundraising meetings is optional 

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